Saturday, April 7, 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of Love

Advantages and disadvantages of love

Today most of the marriages are love marriage.  This love marriage has both good and bad effects. Actually love marriage is a legal right for two individuals who care and love for each other to live together and to preceding their life. But there is one fact that this love marriage occur in different ways. Some people prefer their life partner by seeing their internal beauty like behavior, character, rather than external factors. But some people choose their sidekick by perceiving some other factors like money beauty ect…….. But the truth is that the second type of relation never lasting. But the former type will never fail………….. Because true love never need beauty or money or any other prestige.
In this type of relations they have only advantages rather than disadvantages. … If we discuss about advantages then we can speak a lot of things about true love. The happiness that getting through the love is cant described by one or two words…. It is a feeling that can’t be expressed by terms or locution.
                                                             In love marriages the partners can know each other. So that they have not any confusions in making any decisions within them.  Almost in all those relationships they will take decisions together. Because of these attitude there will not occur any problems or issues. These all will make the relation pleasant.  In my view point the love marriages does make real after a long interval of knowing each other. This makes them more comfortable when they enter into their real life. But at the time of these intervals some of them hide their real face or character. For that type persons would suffer more problems when they enter into their life. So to avoid all those issues they become open minded persons when they are in love at the beginning. These open minded persons have no troubles with their partner to an extent.

                                                   Next case is if the persons are in love by desiring any other factors will suffer full of problems in their marriage life. Because they never love each other. Due to these lack of love is the major cause of love failure in relationships. In these relationships the love and care between them will ends when the former external factors fails or ends. From that moment the real war starts. Yes the love turns to a big fight…………….this is the most hurtful moments in those lives. To come back to their original life will take time. Because already their mind will die. When you attached with some other persons then your partner will shout to you. These all will makes the relation unhealthy…………if the love is true these type issues will not occur….. But here the situation is not fair. That is the difference between these two types of love marriages. So I have only one request. If you want a good and healthy relationship with your partner then you love him without any expectation. If the love you impart him is true then you will surely get back it with so much purity…… because love is true and love is god.
Or if you love anybody with lot of expectations or with a greedy mind then your life will waste.
 If the love is true it has only advantages. But this turns to disadvantages when the love is not true……
The most type of disadvantage is hesitation. If your partner has hesitation at any moment, then your life starts died. Because the foundation of any type relations especially in love is trust. If it lose then the strength of that relation also decreases. So everybody in love will take care about the trust that you made with your partner. I think this is the only disadvantage of love. Because if trust fails, the relation also fails. All other problems except hesitation will be managed. But this injury will not cure by love or medicine. I think there are disadvantages. But all that are cured……………. So we can conclude that love marriages have more advantages than disadvantages. The term I used here is true love……that comes from bottom of the heart………that is the purest type…………

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