Saturday, April 7, 2012

Advantages and Disadvantages of Love

Advantages and disadvantages of love
Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. At the same time the love has the both advantages and disadvantages. At the time of love the pares only see the advantages only. But after the marriage the persons shows their actual faces of their character.  From the time of love they starts with a lot of dreams and happiness….but at some time the same persons will starts  hating each other…what is the reason behind this????? Can you guess???? Yes we all know there are a lot of reasons behind this….
Let us discuss about the advantages of love. First of all, I have to tell that relationships can motive you to be a better person, if you have someone to care about and who cares about you, you won’t be lonely, you will be able to give and receive love and affection, you will have someone around who can help you. That makes all the human beings   happy. But at the same time the disadvantage of love is that makes add drama to your life, you lose your privacy, and you lose freedom and lose your power to make important decisions in your life. Because he or she largely depends on the partners commitment to each other. since love marriage is a choice of particular persons. They have a strong and longer bond between those couples. Those persons have a lot of advantages. They have the freedom of choosing their partners. So they are only responsible for the consequences that are good or bad in their marriage life. In love marriages the partners who knew all the good and bad habits of each other. So they are willing to adjust it respectively.  So they are well prepared to overcome the future conflicts in between them. Or they know how to manage it in better deal. In love marriages there is no compulsion of love. Because that feeling come into a person automatically without any external compulsion. So that there exist a well perfect bond between them, and hence it is the secret of their stability in their relationships. The factor behind the love is not only the physical appearance. But also the basic character of a person also. The top most disseminate of love is sex. but the new generation have no such thoughts….they find love through physical relationships…..such type of love will not have such an elasticity….they are only infatuations’…..and not the true love…. The real love marriage helps in bridging the gaps of cast, religion ect…..

                                           If the love is true then we have only advantages rather than disadvantage. You know one thing????  Love is a disease that makes you fall frequently head over heels for somebody…. If you keep thinking about a particular person then that particular person felt that a graceful feeling so that it may cause keep doing that……….. The partners feel secure at the time of loving. And they will understand each other……because they never want to lose their partner.
But at the same time it makes some emotional problems, some misunderstandings and may occur some cheatings also…..sometimes love create a lot of pains to our mind…..if the partner felt any hesitation at any time then the problems will starts….. but I hope that true love never fails……which increase the power of that relationship day by day….
If there are things you still don’t like, which would call a “disadvantage” then you talk about with your partner and find a way to keep both of you happy. so we simply say that we can managing the disadvantages.

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